Concierge Services by Frog Hollow

Subscription Residential Handyman Services

Is this right for me?

  • Do I have the time?

  • Do I have the tools?

  • Do I have the knowledge?

  • Is my to do list getting shorter?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, this service might be right for you.


Common Services

  • Window/door, glass and screen repair

  • Hardware replacement (e.g., cupboards, doors, etc.)

  • Appliance replacement installation

  • Seasonal exterior clean up and preparation

  • Wood splitting, stacking

  • Seasonal/holiday decorations put up and take down

  • Kitchen/faucet fixture replacement

  • Household filter replacement

  • Mowing/weed eating

  • Landscaping/yard maintenance

  • Storm cleanup

  • Light bulb replacements

  • Electrical switch/receptacle repair or replacement

  • Light fixture replacement

  • Storage solutions (e.g., shelf hung)

  • Hanging items in the household

  • Purchased items/furniture assembly

  • Addressing interior and exterior safety issues (e.g., loose handles/stairs, install shower grab bar)

  • Stair and entryway repair

  • Battery replacement for household sensors  

Excluded Services

  • Large interior or exterior painting jobs

  • Roof Work

  • Chimney Work

  • Service heating/HVAC (will inspect)

  • Any work that requires a license or permit to perform

  • Whole room renovations (example: kitchen, bathrooms)

  • Electrical service lines, repairs, installation (pole to house; street to house)

  • No new electric

  • Sewer/septic services

  • Emergency work

  • Drywall installation or major repair

  • Pet services

  • Delivery, trucking or transportation

  • No installation/repair/replace playgrounds

  • Infant and children toys and product assembly or repair

  • Lead exposure or removal

  • Pesticide or chemical treatment on property

  • Pest removal  

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